Established in 2019, August River Co was the result of one mother believing in another.

"Mia sent me a DM in 2017 and trusted a girl she'd never met in Alabama with her biggest baby, Snuggle Me Organic. My husband had just been laid off and I had succumbed to a season of trusting the Lord with my family and the direction we needed to go. I jumped in head first with her and can honestly say I love her and her family like my own. Everything she dreams I dream right along with her, and this little dream of mine, blurted in a late night text, is now one we nurture and share as partners."

Xo Sunny 

We designed our range with a great deal of intention, keeping with the ideology that less is more. Each piece was designed to promote longevity, with the intention to not only transition seasons, but children as well. Pieces that you will reach for when your children have their own, reminding you of the significant moments you lived while they filled them. We've learned that minimal motherhood can be beautifully intentional, and we want that for each of you."

Our collections are made with organic, sustainable fabrics to ensure only the best for baby and the Earth. 

Thank you for supporting our small business, built from the inspiration of our greatest adventures as mothers to our children.